Cristiano Ronaldo Rarely Wear Black Shoes, Why?

Ronaldo Rarely Wear Black Shoes

The reason why Cristiano Ronaldo rarely wear black shoes. Football shoes are now not just a major complement, but already on the matter of identity and style of the footballer. So it is with Cristiano Ronaldo. CR7 as the top-most footballer today – besides Lionel Messi – since his career as a footballer always wearing United States-made shoe manufacturer, Nike.

Cristiano Ronaldo Rarely Wear Black Shoes

Cr7 favorite Shoe

For Nike, Ronaldo is their main selling to attract markets around the world. The point is that Ronaldo is the greatest profit Nike as now, who reportedly beat his main competitor Adidas.

The reciprocity is that Nike must provide the most sophisticated football of course to support Ronaldo’s performance on the pitch. Because it is the main secret Ronaldo to be able to make more than 500 goals throughout his career to date.

An assortment of shoe models was given to Ronaldo including when he yesterday won the Ballon d’Or. Nike made a special white-and-gold shoe, the CR7 Vittorias, which unfortunately was not used by Ronaldo at the Club World Cup yesterday. Ronaldo still wears other special shoes from Nike that are colored with transverse green lines. That’s just one of the 60s more shoes Nike has made for Ronaldo.

But do you know during his career, Ronaldo rarely wear shoes that are plain black. 31-year-old player as much as possible to avoid the color that is said to affect his appearance on the field. – Read more great article by click here.

“I think he’s great, but he’s the first to say ‘I can do better’ He says he can do better and will do what he does but he needs our help too,” said Nike Vice President of Shoe Sector Football, Max Blau, as quoted Mirror.

“It really makes us depressed, we have to be able to make something that can help him.The result is a new Mercurial Superfly (the one Ronaldo is wearing now),” he continued.

“Every player has his favorite color, and it is scientifically proven that shoe color can bring about a chemical reaction in the players mind.”

Blau also claims that Ronaldo can play better when he wore brightly colored shoes or at least have a style even though essentially black.

“When you feel good, then you can play better.The reason behind the shoe color is to give you confidence.Some example, Cristiano Ronaldo does not like to wear black shoes because he says black is slow and he wants to feel fast,” he concluded.

The Reason Why Cristiano Ronaldo Didn’t Want to Use Black Shoe

Ronaldo feels it will have trouble or a little unlucky when playing on the field with black shoes. It was not without reason, he felt the black color brings a bit of a negative aura when the captain of the Portuguese football team is in action on the pitch.

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